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Java Instant Messenger

Installation Instructions:

  1. One computer will need to be designated as the server (see diagram here). This computer will need to run JimServer. All clients will need to run JimClient. Note that the server can simultaneously run JimClient.
  2. Download and install the appropriate version on each computer. If you have Sun's Java Runtime Environment 1.4 or greater installed, download and run the installer for your platform that does not come with the virtual machine. If you do not have Sun's JRE 1.4+ or are not sure, download the installer for your platform that includes with the virtual machine. See the download page for more details. If you do not wish to download an installer, you may download an executable .jar file. You must have the JRE for this option. After downloading the .jar, run it by executing the following command:

    java -jar JimServer.jar or java -jar JimClient.jar


  1. Start JimServer on the server by either double clicking the desktop shortcut created during installation or running the executable .jar.
  2. Start JimClient on any client computers at any time that JimServer is running on the server.
  3. When JimClient starts, it will ask for the hostname of the server. Enter the resolvable hostname, domain name, or ip address of the computer on which JimServer is running.
  4. Input the username which you would like to use in the session.
  5. Begin chatting. To send a message to a user, double click on their username on the buddy list. Any messages sent to you will automatically pop up.

For additional help or if you find a bug, please post a message in the forums or send an email here.


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